Donkey Kong Country Returns is returning for a third time early next year and it seems we might already know who is behind the latest HD iteration. According to some official documentation which has already been spotted by many fans online, the Polish team Forever Entertainment SA (Panzer Dragoon: Remake) is helping out with the upcoming Switch release - with today marking the "launch of the marketing campaign for the game".

While the original developer Retro Studios currently has its hands full with Metroid Prime 4: Beyond (due out at some point in 2025), Forever Entertainment has seemingly been busy visually enhancing DKCR and also adding in some other extra bonuses like the extra levels from the Nintendo 3DS outing.

Interestingly, this latest announcement links back to a story in 2021 about Nintendo giving Forever Entertainment "significant financial support" in a new publishing deal. Some other titles Forever Entertainment has released during the Switch generation so far include Front Mission 2: Remake and THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD: Remake.

Donkey Kong fansite 'DK Vine' has taken a closer look at the HD footage, stating how there appear to be "some minor graphical tweaks to bring it more in line with the standards of the mid-2020s". For example, water effects have had a "dramatic glow-up". Apparently, the Kongs have also been given a visual update.

Whether or not we're even meant to know about this just yet is another question, but this official announcement is already out in the wild. Lately, Nintendo hasn't been revealing its partner developers prior to the launch of certain games such as Super Mario RPG.

What are your thoughts about Forever Entertainment working on this upcoming Switch release? Let us know in the comments.

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