Nintendo has announced as a part of today's Direct that Donkey Kong Country Returns HD will be barrelling onto Switch on 16th January 2025.

It might not be the new Donkey Kong game everyone is hoping for, but this remastered version of the Wii platformer has not only had a sweet new facelift, but it will also include all of the bonus levels from the 3DS version for a whopping 80 levels! Oof.

As with the original, you'll be able to play through the game either solo or with a buddy in two-player local co-op. The game carries all of the hallmarks of the classic Donkey Kong Country games with companions, mine carts, fast and fluid platforming, and rocket barrels.

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The Wii game originally released in 2010, with the 3DS version coming three years later. We're pinching ourselves that Donkey Kong Country Returns is that old, honestly. But we're excited to return to... Returns.

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