After launching on Steam last May and landing an ESRB rating last month, Red Hook Studios' spooky roguelike Darkest Dungeon II is finally making its way onto Switch on 15th July.

This one will see you embarking on a journey through a decaying wasteland in the hope of preventing the apocalypse — no pressure there then, eh? You'll be building a party and working through five different 'Confessions', each with its own challenges and bosses.

To mix things up, the game offers 12 different playable heroes, 10 "run-defining" companion pets and difficulty modifiers for anyone who wants to increase (or decrease) the level of challenge.

According to the game's blurb, this edition has been optimised to run on Switch and it will even offer touch controls for those who like to play that way.

Darkest Dungeon II is now available to pre-order from the Switch eShop for £34 / $39.99 with a sweet 15% discount available for all those who make their purchase before release day. The game's 'Binding Blade' DLC (which adds new heroes, another questline and more) is also available to pre-order with the base game as a part of the 'Oblivion Edition'.

Will you be picking this one up next month? Let us know in the comments.