Capcom has been really good to Ace Attorney fans over the years, delivering multiple collections - including games that have never been released in the West before — to console owners. And during today's Nintendo Direct, the Ace Attorney developer revealed it's bringing the final missing piece to the rest of the world.

Ace Attorney Investigations Collection is coming to Switch on 6th September 2024 and bundles together two DS adventures starring prosecutor and fan favourite character Miles Edgeworth. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth made it to the West back in 2010, but the sequel — Ace Attorney Investigations 2 — never left Japan. At least, until now, and with a new title — Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Prosecutor’s Gambit.

In contrast to the main Ace Attorney games, the Investigations series plays more like a traditional point-and-click adventure title. As Miles, you'll been moving around the screen and investigating objects and talking to people to solve cases. Both games take place between Trials and Tribulations and Apollo Justice.

This collection comes with new HD visuals (and the ability to swap between the old and new art style), multiple language options, brand new character models, a gallery, and a sound test. And it looks superb, just like the recent Apollo Justice trilogy that came out earlier this year.

Are you an Ace Attorney fan? Will you be taking up the case when Investigations launches this September? Let us know in the comments.