Image: Rockstar Games

Ex-Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé is well known for his showmanship and love for Nintendo games, but if a recent interview is anything to by, it seems he may have spent more of his time on the PlayStation 2 during the early 2000s rather than the GameCube. Traitor, right..? Nah, we're kidding.

Speaking with fanbyte, Reggie touched on diversity within the gaming industry along with what direction Nintendo could theoretically go in with the Switch's successor - lots of points he's covered in previous interviews, then - but when asked about which game he wished he could spend more time with during his stint at Nintendo, he had a rather surprising answer:

"On my PS2, I played a ton of Grand Theft Auto. I have not played since and part of it is having the time. Especially [with] console gaming, it was challenging during my time at Nintendo and it’s even challenging now given all the other stuff I do. I would love to get engaged to that next Grand Theft Auto experience when it comes out and to spend dedicated time on it."

Of course, there's no disputing that Grand Theft Auto is a great franchise, and Switch owners can see what all the fuss is about with Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition right now (if you can stomach the choppy performance, that is), but it's hardly the answer we were expecting. Super Mario Sunshine? Sure! Super Smash Bros. Melee? Why not! It's just a bit bizarre to think that the ex-President of NoA used to play Grand Theft Auto over everything else, right?

Or maybe it's not - maybe you don't care. And that's okay, too!

Let us know in the comments below what game / franchise you played during the GameCube / PS2 era that you wish you had time to play today!