Slow Mole Claymation
Image: Erik Rosenlund via Patreon

Last year didn't bring us the Switch 2, but it certainly brought us something very interesting and unexpected. 2021 saw the release of, not Breath of the Wild 2, but a brand new NES game called Slow Mole.

Slow Mole is known for anything but slowness, as the game has garnered a reputation among the speedrunning community for being extremely fun and challenging. Created by animator Erik Rosenlund, it's free to play and download, and you can even emulate it on original hardware. There's also a physical cartridge release also in the works — which you can read up on over on Erik's Patreon.

But Erik is returning to his main passion in order to create a fun and bizarre-looking project — a movie for his game! Erik released a short trailer for the upcoming motion picture, which sees a claymation mole get increasingly frustrated with the game, even throwing his NES controller at the TV!

How the platformer will translate to the big (or small) screen, we don't know, but the short trailer does give us a glimpse at a buzz saw and a pretty small brick platform. Give the trailer a watch and let us know what you think!

If you haven't tried Slow Mole out yet, you can download the game over on If you have played it, share your thoughts with us in the comments!