Forget your fancy Switch OLED, because it's time for a brand new game on Nintendo's other new and exciting games console, the NES.

Erik Rosenlund, an animator who's taking the first step into the world of game development, has just released Slow Mole, a new game designed for the NES that can be downloaded online for free. Rosenlund says the game's punishing difficulty means that "it's not for everyone," but the title clearly hopes to embrace that 'one more go' retro feel to provide an authentic, NES-style experience.

It's currently playable on modern computers and original NES hardware via emulation, but a new version called Slow Mole+ will see the launch of an actual cartridge that you'll be able to pop into your original NES console at home. This new version will include more music, more secrets, and more levels too – if you're interested, you can keep an eye out for this over on Rosenlund's Patreon.

For now, though, the free version can be downloaded from Here's the game's description:

8-bit platformer for the NES that makes everyone a speedrunner. Playable on real hardware or modern devices.

The whole game is designed around a unique checkpoint mechanic that will only award a checkpoint when the player proves their mastery of a screen.

At the start you have two difficulty options to choose from. They affect the timer, which might seem insignificant, but as you play you will notice makes a big difference.

For those who truly master the game, the mechanical nightmare challenge levels await...

Make sure to let us know how you get on if you give this one a go. We dare say it'll take you a fair few tries...