Boney Mother 3
Image: Hobonichi

If you're one of the lucky ones and have been able to play Mother 3, you might remember a section where Lucas and his trusty canine companion Boney have to get into a club. When arriving at the club, the pair are turned away because the venue has a strict "no animals" policy. So, how do you sneak your four-legged friend inside a club? Put him in human clothes, obviously.

It's the good ol' gag, isn't it? Seen in countless media and video games over the years. Of course, all it ends up doing to us is make us laugh and maybe get a few "awwws" from us too. But the only way to make this more adorable is by making it into a toy, right!?

Hobonichi - a lifestyle brand that is known for creating notebooks among other things - launched The MOTHER Project with series creator Shigesato Itoi back in 2020. This project would continue to celebrate the Mother series over the years by releasing new merchandise, and two years later, it looks like this has been a success. They're making Boney plush toys for goodness sake, of course it's a success!

He even gets his own little watch and the Mother logo imprinted on his paw!

Boney isn't the only introduction to the Mother 3 toy family, however. The claymen - who you meet in several of the game's factories - are also getting their own little soft toy, with their soulless eyes and cute antenna. It's like a cushion!

These plush toys will be available online from the official Hobonichi store from 25th May. If you live in Japan or know how to get those Japanese goodies delivered to you, of course.

If you live in Japan, near Shinjuku, there's also going to be a MOTHER department store opening as part of the Hobonichi Lifestyle Enjoyment Exhibition from 29th April to 4th May, which you can find the details of courtesy of Game Watch. Could we get some more Mother series merch in the west, Nintendo? We suppose we at least have that Notebook in Europe.

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In the meantime, will you be trying to get your hands on Boney or this clayman pillow? Let us know!