Image: Tequila Works

Tencent has been consistently making headlines in recent months with its continuing expansion in the gaming industry through acquisitions and investments. Recent acquisitions include the developer behind Ninjala, and it also confirmed a minority shareholding in Playtonic Games last November. Those are just recent examples, while Tencent is also notably partnered with Nintendo for Switch distribution in China and developed Pokémon Unite.

Its latest acquisition is Tequila Works, the Madrid-based studio that's perhaps best-known for RiME. In terms of Switch games the company is also known for The Sexy Brutale, while it's also working on the rather promising Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story.

Unlike the Playtonic Games minority investment this is a takeover, with Tencent picking up a majority shareholding. In the press release the developer's Chairwoman Luz Sancho says it "allows us to make Tequila Works a stronger studio with access to all the resources required to produce titles of the highest quality".

CEO Raúl Rubio is also quoted as saying the following:

They’re a partner that can appreciate the value of top creative talent with originality as their banner. One that respects our independence and creative freedom. This partnership will allow us to focus on taking the original IPs we are known for to greater heights and create the best experiences we can dream of.

Tencent is continuing to expand its portfolio of companies and investments, making it an increasingly significant presence in the global gaming industry.