Yooka Laylee
Image: Playtonic

Playtonic has undergone rapid expansion since its initial Kickstarter success with Yooka-Laylee over six years ago, with a number of Rare veterans on board. It followed that up with the rather good Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, before delving into publishing last year with Playtonic Friends - most recently releasing Demon Turf.

The company has been extremely busy and looks intent on continuing its growth. It's confirmed today that technology conglomerate Tencent has acquired a minority stake in the business, with the investment intended to enable Playtonic to scale up its efforts.

The company has hired Danny Spiteri (formerly of Raw Fury and Team17) as Head of Publishing, while outlining major plans:

Playtonic will retain full creative control over its IP and will use the investment to scale from their current one team structure to multiple teams, with an emphasis on hiring diverse talent from near and afar, improving their HQ, as well as looking to expand in new locations.

We'll likely see Playtonic Friends continue to ramp up its publishing efforts, while the internal teams that have brought us the Yooka-Laylee titles will expand.

It's interesting news, and yet another example of Tencent broadening its influence through minority stakes in a variety of gaming companies.