Mario Bowser Super Mario Party
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo and Tencent have been enjoying a solid partnership in the Chinese market, with Switch console sales beating rivals in the country. With official sales now beyond 4 million units, efforts continue to grow the userbase and increasingly tap into a potentially huge market.

Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst at Niko Partners and a popular figure on social media, shared details on a new promotion being rolled out at IKEA and Holiday Inn Hotels in China to promote the system and Super Mario Party. The game was a relatively recent release in China alongside the online multiplayer update that rolled out globally.

In IKEA some show rooms will be branded and give shoppers a chance to try the game. In the case of participating Holiday Inn locations, the game will be playable for free in the lobby and Switch systems can be purchased as optional extras for rooms. As Ahmad explains, the promotions make a lot of sense for the Chinese market, in particular.

It'll be interesting to see how the Chinese market progresses for the Switch and Nintendo more broadly; initial signs are positive and it's clear that, should partnerships like these - along with Tencent distribution - pay off it'll be hugely lucrative.