Remember that trend where everything was cake? You'd see a video of someone's dog on Twitter, and then they'd stick a knife into it and BOOM. It was cake, stupid. Or you'd go to your mum's house for Mother's Day only to find out that some wily pâtissièr had replaced her with pastry, as a fun joke. It was a nightmare! You simply didn't know who to trust any more!

Thank god that's over. Now, we have the Among Us cake instead, which is an impostor pretending to be a cake, but unconvincingly, because it is sold by a cake shop. Sus indeed!

The Among Us Choco Crunch Cake is a chocolate layered cake filled with ganache whipped cream and choco crunch balls, topped with a red glaze to embody the iconic Among Us crewmate. The cake is available from French-Asian bakery Tous Les Jours, which has branches across Asia and 70 stores in the United States.

"We're so excited to collaborate with TOUS les JOURS to create a delicious experience our communities can enjoy. It's such a fun way to celebrate a special occasion or even just treat yourself! We can't wait to see the cake in stores all around the country and the joy it'll bring to people's faces."
- Victoria Tran, Innersloth Community Director

It's hard to say exactly how big this guy is, but would you buy an entire Among Us cake to treat yourself? Let us know in the comments.