Until recently, Breath of the Wild's "impossible arrow" was a legend. Many had seen this lone, unintended shock arrow, floating in the sky above Gerudo Town — but none had touched it.

Almost five years after the release of Breath of the Wild, there are a number of "secrets" like the impossible arrow that are slowly, painstakingly being reached, collected, and destroyed by dedicated players and modders. There are the "impossible chests", which can be found in areas where the Sheikah Sensor indicates the presence of a nearby treasure chest, despite none being visible. There are unused shrines, Easter Egg references, and sprawling debug areas that fall outside the boundaries of the map.

At this point, you'd think we had reached the end of Breath of the Wild discoveries — but no. The impossible arrow has been collected, at last, by LegendofLinkk, who documented the process on YouTube, and whose other glitch discoveries include fireproof weapons and a way to keep the Bow of Light.

So Close

Unsurprisingly, the method of getting up to that sky-high arrow involves heavy use of glitches. Previous attempts used the "moon jump", which is a glitch using a horse, but it didn't work. LegendofLinkk's method was to combine the moon jump with a "Death Mountain effect" glitch, effectively making himself invincible, and then teleporting to the nearby Daqo Chisay shrine to get closer to the arrow.

But the feat wasn't accomplished yet. In fact, he hadn't even left the ground. After about ten minutes of tiny jumps, and with Link hundreds of feet in the air, LegendofLinkk pulled out his final weapon: Bomb Arrows. The blast from setting off a bomb arrow would propel him to where the shock arrow was, and it would take over 1,000 of them — or, technically, less than a thousand, because he would end up overshooting the arrow. Good thing he's invincible!

Way too many explosions later, and it was just a hop, skip, and a jump (and a few more hops) over to the arrow. One shock arrow is therefore worth about 1,000 bomb arrows (and 27 minutes of your time). Seems fair to us.

Shock Arrow
Worth it.