Death Mountain Fire

Another day, another tasty little Breath of the Wild glitch for you all. Yes, the game that keeps on giving... er, keeps on giving! The latest glitch for the four-year-old open-world adventure enables you to make any flammable weapon in your arsenal totally 'fireproof'. This means you could, theoretically, scale the lava-filled Death Mountain using the cute-but-pretty-useless Forest Dweller's sword, if you so desire.

Why would you want to do that? Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to tell and try. As discovered and posted by iLegendofLinkk on Twitter, the process for making your fragile wooden gear fireproof is simple:

GamingReinvented has gone into more depth with a tutorial of their own (see below), but essentially it involves placing a bomb, setting your weapon of choice on fire and setting the bomb off as you sheathe said weapon. Simple!

Apparently you can't fireproof your gear while you're actually on Death Mountain (probably something to do with the ambient temperature affecting the weapon on your back, as GamingReinvented speculates). However, if you've fireproofed your Deku Leaf before you head there, you're presumably free to tackle the lava-spewing volcano region with the lowliest of hardware.

You know, if you like.

Have you tried out this glitch yet? Let us know how it feels to wield the world's most resilient Deku Leaf below.

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