WARNING: The video above contains flashing images.

Over the weekend it came to light that several early purchasers of the digital version of Sonic Colors Ultimate were running into some fairly major visual glitches in the Switch version of the game, which included a host of flashing textures, blown-out lighting, warped models, distorted animations, and other tough-to-miss visual anomolies.

Needless to say, we didn't encounter anything like this when we played the game for review, but after following steps published on Youtube by JustLemres (WARNING: contains flashing images in that one, too), we were able to replicate and verify the existence of the glitches on Switch hardware.

While the majority of players are unlikely to encounter this in what we'd loosely term a 'normal' playthrough, the video above from the lovely Alex Olney gives a brief overview of the sorts of things you can currently encounter if you're unlucky, or if you're actively seeking to stretch Sonic out across half the screen.

Hey, who the heck would notice a borked and stretched Sonic, amirite?! says the chubby Sonic lover who's always turned their nose up at the hedgehog's lanky model in the 3D games. Don't worry, we'll chase the joyless 3D Sonic hater off the premises post haste.

Let us know below if you've encountered any of these visual glitches in the course of your time with the game.