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Update [Mon 6th Sep, 2021 10:20 BST]: Although we previously encountered no issues with the game, by following steps published on Youtube by JustLemres (WARNING: contains flashing images) we can now independently confirm that the glitches seen online over the weekend can be reproduced on Switch hardware. We'll be looking into the issues in more depth soon...

Update [Mon 6th Sep, 2021 05:30 BST]: Blind Squirrel Games and Sega of America's social media manager for Sonic the Hedgehog have acknowledged the feedback and are investigating the issues:

Original Article [Sun 5th Sep, 2021 17:00 BST]: Nintendo Switch owners who purchased the 'Digital Deluxe' version of Sonic Colors Ultimate are supposedly running into all sorts of launch bugs - with some even warning of potential seizure risks.

Since fans got hold of the Switch build earlier this week, social media has been flooded with complaints about this particular release. As VGC explains, players have highlighted "severely glitched visuals", characters falling through scenery, soft locks and crashes - comparisons have even been drawn to Sonic '06. Loading times are also significantly longer.

Perhaps most worrying are warnings about seizure-inducing screens - which sounds rather similar to what we previously saw in Square Enix's Balan Wonderworld. Sega has released a day-one patch for Ultimate, but it's not clear just yet if it resolves any of the issues players have apparently been encountering in the Nintendo build.

It's worth noting how some of these uploads show footage of the game running on emulators and hacked Switch, while other footage is believed to be captured directly from the retail release. Some of the original footage that surfaced was called out:

We did not encounter any of these graphics glitches or bugs during our own time with Sonic Colors Ultimate on Switch.

Eurogamer reveals how Sega originally called on Blind Squirrel Games to develop the Sonic Colors remaster, and most recently, the developer has come under fire for not crediting the free open source Godot engine. It was quick to respond - acknowledging its mistake, and promised to correct the issue in an upcoming patch:

Switch fans previously voiced their disappointment about the Nintendo version of Sonic Colors Ultimate in July, when it was discovered the game had been limited to 30 FPS. The full release of this remaster will take place next week on 7th September.

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Have you encountered any glitches in Sonic Colors Ultimate on Switch?