Image: PlatinumGames

PlatinumGames has announced that it is going to run a 'Super Summer Festival' livestream soon - it's taking place on 27th August at 8pm Pacific / 11pm Eastern, which is 28th August at 4am UK / 5am CEST. Ouch, for those of us in Europe.

There'll be an English version of the presentation on YouTube, with PlatinumGames confirming that the show will be two hours long and split into three parts, promising the appearance of key developers and unveiling new content. Parts 2 and 3, in particular, are of interest for Switch gamers.

Part 1-World of Demons

  • Secrets of WOD development with special guests Matt Alt and Hiroko Yoda
  • New World of Demons info

Part 2-Sol Cresta

  • Sol Cresta Let’s Play with director Takanori Sato
  • Sol Cresta event info

Part 3-The Wonderful 101: Remastered

  • The Wonderful 101: Remastered DLC info

Sol Cresta is due this year on Switch, with fresh details on the shmup emerging relatively recently; here's hoping for a formal release date, of whatever 'event info' means. In terms of The Wonderful 101 Remastered, many that backed the game on Kickstarter in 2020 will be hoping for news of the 'Luka' DLC, a sidescrolling adventure that was unlocked through stretch goals in that fundraising campaign.

And yes, to address it, Bayonetta 3 is notable in its absence. PlatinumGames has reiterated multiple times that the project is progressing, and that it's up to Nintendo as publisher to determine what is shown, and when.

Are you planning to tune in, and what are you hoping to see of Sol Cresta and The Wonderful 101: Remastered DLC?