Twinleaf Town in Unreal Engine
Image: papabeard88

Every now and again, a fan takes it upon themselves to rebuild a game in Unreal Engine. We've seen Mario and Peach's Castle, a very fancy Temple of Time, and the original starter Pokémon from Pokémon Red and Blue looking unnervingly realistic, too. "Made in Unreal" is almost synonymous with "super-HD and kinda uncomfortably detailed" now, and this latest remake is no exception - although at least there are no human characters this time.

Reddit user papabeard88 made the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl areas of Twinleaf Town and Route 201, the place where the player-character is born and raised, and begins their journey. Although it's not the most visually exciting town in Sinnoh, it exudes an air of peace and calm: a perfect place for any Pokémon trainer to start out.

Other Reddit users have noted in the comments that this, ahem, "balls to the wall" approach would make for a fantastic 3D open world Pokémon game with real-time battles, to which we can imagine Nintendo saying "ahahahahaha", and our Nintendo Switches pre-emptively bursting into flames at the thought of the processing power required.

Here are the original Twinleaf Town and Route 201, for comparison:

Would you want to play a Pokémon game in this art style, or do you think Game Freak is getting it right already? Let us know in the comments.