Alwas Legacy

Yesterday, we held our very first Nintendo Life Indie Spotlight event in conjunction with PAX Online, and from what we can gather from the comments (from both viewers and developers) it went down rather well.

During the 30-minute show, we gave you announcements, new information and much more besides, but if you didn't get chance to watch it, don't fret – we've summed up everything there is to know in this handy guide.

In addition to this, we showed footage from upcoming Switch titles such as Curse of Life, Mercenaries Blaze, PixelJunk Eden 2, HyperBrawl Tournament, TENS!, Decline's Drops, 1974 Feline Revolution, Heroes of Loot I & II, Memoranda, Sunshine Manor, Maia: Unhappily Ever After, Stardash, Njinga: The Diplomat Warrior, Nairi: Rising Tide, Astral Equilibrium, Residual, Home: Postmortem Edition, Poker Club, Double Pug Switch, Clive 'N' Wrench, Chama, Space Grunts, Alone With You, Victory Heat Rally and Mystiqa. Phew!

Hopefully, you enjoyed the event – let us know what you think we could have done better by posting a comment below.