VooFoo's much-loved sports sim Pure Pool is making the jump to Switch, it has been confirmed.

The port will offer 1080p (docked) and 720p (handheld) visuals, running at 60fps in both modes. Pure Pool has a single-player campaign which is bolstered by skill-based challenges and a host of customisation options. Various flavours of pool will be included, such as Killer and American 8 Ball, and there are additional game modes such as Speed Pot, Checkpoint, Royal Rumble, Snooker Colours, Perfect Potter and Breakpoint.

However, it's the online side of things which will perhaps be of most interest to prospective pool sharks. As well as local play, you'll have cross-play support with the Steam version and the option to play online against 'stored DNA' player profiles. Meanwhile, global leaderboards will track your performance and allow you to challenge others in Free-play, Two-player, Leagues, 8-ball, 9-ball, Blackball, Killer and Accumulator modes. As if this wasn't enough, all of the DLC content released for Pure Pool is included.

Here's what Hollie Pattison, Product Manager at Ripstone Games, had to say about the news:

We saw Pure Pool on Nintendo Switch as an opportunity to create something re-energised for the platform and really deliver a great experience to billiards fans. As a team with a rich history in creating pool and snooker experiences, since the launch of the Switch we have been longing for a slick pool title that hits the mark in all departments across visuals, performance and features. We're confident that this is the game we've been waiting for and are incredibly proud that we've managed to achieve all of the above with Pure Pool. The game we'd been waiting for was right in front of us all this time!

This updated version has visuals tuned to push the Switch to its limits. VooFoo have delivered a 60fps game, with beautifully detailed visuals and compatibility for every available control scheme on the console, including full touch-screen support and cross-play with Steam. With our goal from the beginning being to offer Nintendo players the definitive cue sports experience on Nintendo Switch, we rolled in the Snooker Pack to create a full package that really shines. We can't wait to welcome players to the table later this year and hope that the community enjoys stepping up to take their best shot!