Sci-Fi Metroidvania MindSeize is coming to the Nintendo Switch, we can reveal.

Described as a cross between Metroid Fusion and Mega Man X, MindSeize places you in the role of Private investigator M.C. Fox, who is tasked with tracking down the criminal organization The Ascended.

After a particularly violent encounter and The Ascended's leader, Fox is left crippled and must transfer his mind to a robotic suit called the MAG – which stands for Mind-Action-Gear – and attempt to rescue his daughter's mind, which has been seized by The Ascended.

MindSeize blends classic 2D action with "beautiful hand-drawn 16-bit pixel graphics, atmospheric music and hard-hitting sound effects." The game is set across four "different and unique planets", and outside of battle, you'll be able to converse with NPCs and upgrade the MAG with mods, weapons and new abilities.

MindSeize comes to Switch this month.