Ever Forward

Developer Pathea Games, previously responsible for the likeable sandbox RPG My Time at Portia, is bringing its 3D puzzle game Ever Forward to Nintendo Switch.

Ever Forward tells the story of a girl named Maya, who finds herself lost in a reality that exists somewhere between the real world and her imagination. With your help, she must unlock memories and uncover secrets by solving a series of mind-bending puzzles.

According to the developer, "players will need to use their observational skills and intelligence to solve multiple puzzles to piece together the mystery of Maya's past and what dark secrets she has buried. For more than three years, our designers racked their brains, designing puzzles with the 'puzzle gamer' in mind. Players will feel deeply challenged and motivated to solve each puzzle, and some puzzles have multiple ways of being completed to fit different kinds of thinkers and logical processes."

We have to admit, it all looks very appealing – let us know if you feel the same way by posting a comment below.