Another busy week has gone by, with rumours of another 2019 Zelda release and Mario game discounts popping up all over the place, but we've finally made it to the weekend and it's time to play some games. As always, team Nintendo Life has gathered together to discuss our plans and we'd love to have you involved. Feel free to join in via the poll and comments below. Enjoy!

Austin Voigt, contributing writer

This weekend we’ll be getting a snowstorm in my neck of the woods, so I’m probably going to hunker down and force myself to get into more of the multiplayer games I’ve purchased and not devoted enough time to playing. I’m definitely more of an RPG/adventure gamer, so it sounds crazy, but I’ve really only played things like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, etc. in short bursts when there have been friends around to play with.

That ends this weekend, whether I have to play online, against some CPUs, or just trap some unsuspecting friends inside of my house to play against. I might also finally give the Stardew Valley multiplayer mode a shot.

Ryan Craddock, staff writer

Dearest NL readers, I have a problem. And that problem is Tetris 99.

As you'll already know if you saw our stories earlier this week, My Nintendo points are potentially up for grabs if you can claim a victory royale this weekend. As such, and because it's so addictive, part of me wants to take on this challenge all weekend. The problem is that winning a game is so freakin' hard. I've always liked Tetris casually but haven't played it to death over the years like some, and when I'm up against the monstrous beasts who seem to play this game, it really shows.

I'll probably give it a go, but perhaps the biggest challenge here will be accepting defeat!

Dom Reseigh-Lincoln, reviewer

My free time is a little on the thin side this weekend, but when I do fire up my Switch I'll be taking on the world's toughest crime lords in RICO. A first-person shooter and a roguelike in one? With slow-mo breaches and gunfights galore? How out of character for my tastes... I'll be putting it thoroughly through its paces and giving you an official verdict right here on Nintendo Life next week!

Gonçalo Lopes, contributing writer

I am still hooked on Gameloft’s Modern Combat Blackout. Some sort of early-stage midlife crisis perhaps? Nintendo Life’s clan is still very modest, but I am getting the job done every day. A bit of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate here, a bit of Tetris 99 there (I want those 9.99 Gold points!) and back to this week’s eShop offerings: The nostalgia traps of Awesome Pea and Beat Cop, brilliant slices of pixelated shenanigans for very distinct reasons.

In one of those ‘better late than never’ cases, my game of the week goes to the twin-stick shmup perfection named Assault Android Cactus+. The lean Jeff van Dyk soundtrack just sweetens the whole deal further.

Liam Doolan, news reporter

After reading the news about how Octopath Traveler is receiving a mobile prequel, I’ve decided to revisit the original outing on Switch. I’ll admit that I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked to on this release when it arrived last year, so this weekend I’m planning to rectify the situation.

When I’m not playing this, I’ll probably be getting my butt kicked in the Tetris 99 Grand Prix event. And when I’m not playing either of these games, I might finally focus my attention on Wargroove to test out the new quality of life update.

Which games are you playing this weekend? (358 votes)

  1. Assault Android Cactus+2%
  2. Awesome Pea  0%
  3. Beat Cop  0.8%
  4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe6%
  5. Modern Combat Blackout  0.6%
  6. Octopath Traveler4%
  7. Splatoon 26%
  8. Stardew Valley3%
  9. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate15%
  10. Tetris 9926%
  11. Wargroove7%
  12. Something else (comment below)30%

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