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The Switch is certainly a versatile little system with a host of engines having added support for the ‘homeheld’ since launch nearly two years ago. In addition to all the official tweak-ery, unofficial platforms have also been seen running on the console ‘in the wild’ – we’ve seen photos of Linux running in a rudimentary form, and hackers are always poking away at Switch’s vulnerable spots.

Now it seems that the hacking community may have made another breakthrough. Twitter user @natinusala shared a photo last night of a Switch displaying a familiar logo:

The photo alone is hardly proof, but a gitlab.com link in a following tweet points towards the work that supposedly gets Android up and running on Nintendo's console (in a very unoffical capacity, we hasten to add). Of course, simply having the OS boot doesn’t necessarily mean it’s in a fit state, but it’s interesting to see, nonetheless. Reports around the launch of the console suggested that Nintendo was originally interested in a modified Android operating system for their console before taking a custom route.

Android support in an official capacity would open avenues to all sorts of games on the console - Nintendo’s growing mobile catalogue included - so these unofficial steps are intriguing. Before the console’s launch, you can imagine Nintendo being very eager to get as much software as possible on the platform, but with Switch recently celebrating 1800 games on the eShop, Android support probably isn’t top of Nintendo’s to-do list.

Intrigued? What OS would you like to see running on Switch, off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush? It's Windows 98, isn't it - love that Solitare. Let us know in the comments!

[source nintendosoup.com, via venturebeat.com]