You might recall a story from earlier this week about Facebook rejecting a launch trailer advertisement for the critically-acclaimed indie title, GRIS. According to the game's publisher Devolver Digital, Facebook said the clip contained "sexually suggestive" imagery. This followed with a representative from the video game company admitting how "stupid" the decision was during a chat with Polygon. To read more about this, take a look at our existing article.

A Facebook spokesperson has now followed up this matter with Polygon and the reasoning as to why the ad was rejected has nothing to do with the image publicised in Devolver Digital's tweet. It's actually because a link going from the video advertisement to Devolver Digital's Instagram did not comply with the advertising policies of Facebook.

If you actually head over to this Instagram page, you'll quickly notice there's a bare bottom from the open-world survival game SCUM on display. As Polygon notes, this might not necessarily go against community standards, but it does violate Facebook's ad policies. It's also worth noting Instagram is owned by Facebook.

The lesson to take from this - don't try to flash your bum on Facebook or Instagram and think you can get away with it. A Super Meat Boy advertisement was also caught out last month.