Super Meat Boy

There doesn't seem to be much balance over on the social media platform Facebook. Often you'll hear stories about the company censoring images that don't really need to be and other times it doesn't do enough to protect its users from graphic content. This particular story is one of those cases where it's probably gone a tad overboard.

According to Team Meat - the masterminds behind the insanely tough platform game Super Meat Boy, which is available on multiple platforms including the Switch eShop - Facebook recently rejected its ad, deeming it sexually explicit. As can be seen below, it's Meat Boy and Bandage Girl with their butts on display:

Super Meat Boy Img1

Other than the cracks on show, it's hard to say why Facebook had such a problem with the artwork for this advertisement. It doesn't seem all that concerning when compared to the game itself which contains many violent and bloody platforming challenges. This was the Team Meat Twitter account response:

"Good thing Facebook is so on top of the content on their site!!! Now if you'll excuse me I found a very interesting and factual facebook group about how the earth is flat."

What do you think about this? Has Facebook lost the plot? Do you find this picture offensive? Tell us below.