Deemo Labo

Back in April, Taiwanese developer Rayark posted a video showing its rhythm-action game Deemo in use with the Nintendo Labo cardboard piano. The concept was to use the piano Toy-Con's keys rather than simply pressing the touchscreen - emulating an experience similar to the likes of Guitar Hero/Rock Band

Following the Mario Kart Labo news from earlier, Nintendo's Japanese Labo website has revealed Deemo will, in fact, soon be compatible with the cardboard kits. As displayed by Rayark months earlier, you'll be able to play songs from the game on the Toy-Con piano, with the update expected to arrive in October. This surprisingly makes Deemo the first third-party game to officially support Nintendo Labo. 

These recent developments are interesting signs of perhaps what's to come with the Labo experiment. Earlier this year, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé said there were long-term plans to develop the new idea. By the looks of it, Nintendo intends to expand Labo's reach beyond the kits and make the cardboard accessories compatible in multiple games.

What do you think about Nintendo Labo branching out? Do you like the idea of Vehicle Kit being compatible with Mario Kart, or playing third-party music games with Labo instruments? Do you think Labo is here for the long haul, like Reggie? Tell us below.