Rayark, the Taiwanese developer behind the rather wonderful rhythm-action title Deemo, has shared a video that toys with the possibility of future Nintendo Labo Piano support. Yes please!

As you can see in the video above, the idea is that the Piano Toy-Con's keys can be used to hit notes as they fall from the screen, rather than simply using the touchscreen. This would add a Guitar Hero/Rock Band feel to the game, with an external, realistically shaped peripheral being used to make everything feel that little bit more real.

Rayark has noted that any plans related to this project - should it actually be implemented - will be shared on the studio's official Facebook page. The response from fans seems to be overwhelming positive, though, so we're hopeful to see things progress.

Would you like to see the Nintendo Labo Piano be supported by Deemo? Do you think we could see other developers using Nintendo Labo as additional peripherals for their titles? Let us know your thoughts below.

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