Plenty of quality download titles have been realised thanks to crowdfunding, though it's also a route that can lead to some disappointment. Slain: Back From Hell, a Castlevania-style title with a heavy metal soundtrack, was delayed a little before eventually getting released, and the Wii U version fell through; low sales with the console were cited as a reason.

In positive news it's only a week or so away from the Switch eShop, popping up on the 'Coming Soon' section of the European eShop with a date of 7th December and priced at £17.99 in the UK. It promises a six hour campaign and a 'full soundtrack recorded by Curt Victor Bryant, formerly of Celtic Frost'. Below is the trailer from last year's PS4 version, which is the same as that on the eShop.

It's one we've been interested in since its crowdfunding days, so here's hoping that it turns out well on the Switch.