The NES Classic Mini launches in November, and Nintendo has released a new trailer for the console which not only shows off some of the included games but also goes into detail regarding the various new modes and options available on the system.

One of the big draws for PAL gamers is that the system plays games in 60Hz rather than the slower 50Hz that Europe was accustomed to back in the late '80s and early '90s. However, if you like your old school visuals then you'll be pleased to learn that the system has a CRT filter which applies scanlines to the image, just like the good old days.

As well as the typical save game system included in each title you can also have up to four "suspend points" per game, which should come in handy. The trailer also shows off some of the console's UI, which looks pretty swish if you ask us.

If you've not ordered one of these yet then you'll want to check out our pre-order guides for North America and the UK. You might want to get in quick if you want one before Christmas as Amazon UK has already confirmed that it has sold out of its launch day stock.