The shirt says it all.

Steven Williams - better known by his YouTube handle Boogie2988 - is the man behind the fictional character Francis, an immature lisping gamer who regularly rants about a wide range of topics online. He also produces hugely popular videos as himself, of course.

He attended the recent Retropalooza event in Arlington, Texas - as himself, not Francis - and during a lengthy and very entertaining Q&A session touched upon some NX information he had been given.

While it's important to stress that Williams himself doesn't claimed to have played NX, his sources are two individuals who have, one of which is employed by Ubisoft.

During the segment Williams states that the console is a hybrid platform, as has been reported on numerous occasions:

I talked to two people that use it, one is from Ubisoft, and he said programming for it is actually really nice and Nintendo has been working very closely with them and that the concept is great.

He said you could play - I don't know how careful I should be here - let's say you could play Assassin's Creed once you have your handheld plugged into your console, and then you can detach the thing and take it with you and play the Assassin's Creed mobile game out of your pocket, and then when you get back home plug it directly in. That's brilliant, that's smart. You take the form of the game with you as you go.

He says it's a dream to code for. Someone else I know who has played on NX for twenty minutes says it's as innovative as they'd hoped and [said] that 'we wish that we had done it.'

Williams also touches upon the issues surrounding Nintendo's position in the industry right now, including its infamous treatment of YouTubers who stream its games. He states a desire to see the idea of purchasing a Nintendo console once again becoming "a cool thing to do", and likens Nintendo to an abusive mother whom we can't help but love, despite the knock-backs.

The segment starts around the 35 minute mark. You can watch the full video below, but please be aware that it contains some bad language.

What do you make of Williams' comments regarding the hybrid nature of the NX? Given how many times we've heard this rumour, surely there's little reason to doubt it now? As ever, we'd love to hear what you think about NX - and the Q&A in general - so post a comment below.