Q-Games boss Dylan Cuthbert recently took part in a Reddit AMA where he spoke about a range of subjects, including his thoughts on the recent Wii U title Star Fox Zero - a game which will be of particular interest as he worked on both the SNES original and its cancelled sequel.

Another topic covered during the AMA was a mishap involving top secret documents relating to the N64, a drunken night out and two developers on a single bike.

We'll let Cuthbert take it from here:

I remember one from my Nintendo days where Giles (Goddard, fellow coder on StarFox) and I had been drinking with the Nintendo staff, this was towards the end of StarFox 2 and Giles had just got the loose leaf documentation (several hundred pages) for the very early prototype of the N64... anyway, I didn't have my bicycle so I hitched a lift on the back of Giles' (it had two metal pegs attached to the back wheel that you could stand on, and this kind of "double riding" was often seen in Japan in the 80s and 90s) ... anyway, we get back to town and we're crossing a busy road when Giles hits a pothole or something and we go flying, but so do the 100s of loose leaf pages, all over the road in central Kyoto... and the walk light blinked to red so we were laughing our heads off, completely drunk, frantically scrambling around picking up all this top secret documentation, jamming up the traffic. It took a while.

We don't know about you, but the mental image of two slightly merry Brits scrambling around a busy section of road attempting to pick up hundreds of sheets of paper is quite amusing, and makes for a particularly good anecdote. Cuthbert isn't short of those, either.

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