The Famicom Disk System (FDS for short) and its diskettes might have not set Japan ablaze as Nintendo had hoped they would but the system still managed to get a decent library of games, and was also responsible for the debut of both the Metroid and Zelda franchises.

One unique title was Kaettekita Mario Bros. which translates as The Return of Mario Bros and it is very much what the name suggests - a remastered version of the original single screen, one or two plumber action game that introduced us the joy of the POW block.

This Famicom Disk Writer exclusive game was sponsored by food company Nagatanien and as such there were cutscenes featuring one of company's the delicious dried food products. Reach "Game Over" in the "Nagatanien World Mode" and an all-new slot machine option shows up, letting you continue if you are able to match the faces of the world's most famous plumbers and even rewarding you with four lives if you manage to spell out "Nagatanien", the best possible outcome for the slot machine. Subtle marketing, there.

But gameplay differences from the original not only regard the use of advertisements. In this game quite a few surprises await the veterans of the original. You are now able to slightly control the jump mid-air, making the game far more lenient when you commit on a misguided jump. The stages will also throw unexpected gameplay twists that will certainly test your skills. Also, the graphics have been slightly touched up, making the game more faithful to the original arcade counterpart. Since this is FDS, you are also able to save your top high scores and prove to your friends that you are indeed a Mario Bros. wizard.

All this zaniness and old school Mario action has now been fully translated to English by MrRichard999 so you can fully understand exactly how delicious the dried food sprinkled over rice from Nagatanien is. You can grab the patch from here. Now excuse us, were off to browse local Japanese take out establishments.