The Play Nintendo YouTube channel is an interesting beast - it targets a young audience and featured Shigeru Miyamoto being particularly cool with some kids during E3, but has struggled to truly take off. Occasionally long gaps between videos may be a factor in that, but nevertheless it continues to promote Nintendo games in very friendly ways with smiles, arts and crafts and bright colours.

Its latest series aims to promote Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, a spin-off with every chance of success off the back of the affection many hold for New Leaf. It's hosted by Meghan Camarena who's better known as Strawburry17 on YouTube; bizarrely her YouTube name and profile isn't shown off in the video, which is an odd move considering the fact her channel has over one million subscribers. Aside from her standard sign-off there's little effort - in the video - to utilise her fame to boost the profile of the Play Nintendo channel. Even Nintendo of America's tweet for the video doesn't promote her fame in a notable way.

To be fair, over the weekend Nintendo of America did at least retweet Camarena's weekend post for her Sunday appearance at the Nintendo store in New York.

In any case, complaints about Nintendo's social media marketing aside, check it out below and let us know what you think; remember that this channel does target a specific - and young - audience when providing your critique!