A little while ago it emerged that Picross 3D 2 is heading to the 3DS in Japan, providing a sequel to the popular DS retail puzzler. Due on 1st October in the country, it'll serve up more 3D puzzles and include amiibo support for extra content.

In a neat promotion simply trying out a demo will also bring a price reduction on the full game. This isn't new from Nintendo or others on the eShop, of course, but a neat addition in this case is a partnership with Amazon. It's possible to 'buy' a free download demo on Amazon Japan which then qualifies gamers to a ¥500 discount voucher for the full download, dropping its price to just ¥2416, which is about $20 / €18 / £13; that's also over ¥200 less than the boxed version once that discount is applied.

Though promotions like this are increasingly common on the eShop, this does seem like a clever way to keep retail partnerships strong while promoting a good deal and driving traffic to Nintendo's online store.

In any case, we're still waiting to hear if this one will come to the West.

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