Bandai may be joined at the hip with Namco these days, but once upon a time the company stalked the edges of the video game industry, desperate to find a route into the potentially profitable hardware arena. It released consoles such as the Pippin (in conjunction with Apple) and created the WonderSwan handheld, but neither was a massive success.

Even earlier in the '90s, Bandai teamed up with Nintendo to produce a laptop which could play SNES games, and even got as far as showing off a prototype at the 1993 Tokyo Game Show.

The Bandai HET (Home Entertainment Terminal) had a tiny 4-inch screen and TV Tuner, and was capable of interfacing with optional peripherals - like CD-ROM drives, modems or printers.

You can watch some footage below of the HET taken from the Toyko Game Show floor. Not much else is known about the machine, and it is believed that Nintendo pulled the plug before production could be release.