Pokemon Shuffle

Pokémon Shuffle is Nintendo's most notable attempt to-date at utilising microtransactions - unlike previous free-to-play downloads it doesn't unlock content for fixed amounts, but uses an in-game economy that encourages you to pay-to-play on a continual basis. It's had a mixed response, and our early reaction was that the balance isn't quite right.

As can be expected with a free download, however, plenty are willing to take the plunge. An in-game notification has stated that the title has now passed one million downloads, which is a hefty number for a 3DS eShop exclusive - the notification also comes with a Complexity -1 (which makes a tough battle a little easier) as a free bonus. The notifications are certainly active, too, with an apology for a glitch on 19th February being accompanied with a free Jewel.

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The interesting issue is whether this game is making much money. Unlike on a smartphone, Nintendo can't make money on those one million+ downloads through in-game advertising, so is reliant on some players getting hooked and buying in-game Jewels and coins.

We'll see how it plays out, but let us know what you think of this landmark for Pokémon Shuffle; our review will be with you later today.