Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft and Nintendo — a suitable match that's never actually got together. With Nintendo's systems popular with young gamers and the Mojang game being a phenomenon loved by children — and adults too, of course — it seems like a perfect fit. That's particularly the case with the 3DS and its large userbase, while the Wii U also has an ideal control setup with its GamePad.

Despite all of these factors it's not happened, and all E3 provided in terms of progress was a cheeky tease from Shigeru Miyamoto; hardly enough to raise our hopes.

Of course, Mojang and its development partners have been particularly busy bringing the game to almost every other system available, including smart devices through the smaller Minecraft: Pocket Edition, which is the work of the Mojang AB team. It's still technically in Alpha — yet to reach version 1.0 on iOS and Android — though that doesn't stop plenty from downloading it. The company has just recently confirmed a major 0.9 update — on 10th July — that'll introduce infinite worlds, greatly expanding on the more limited options available beforehand in this portable version. Tommasso Checci of Mojang AB, posting as mojang_tommo on Reddit, has commented in a thread in which a user expressed a hope that the progress shown towards a final 1.0 release would one day lead to a 3DS port; he said the following.

3DS would never have infinite worlds though, AFAIK [as far as I know] it could at most get a graphically downscaled version of 0.8...

It's absolutely clear that, in terms of pure processing power and resources, the 3DS is a distance behind modern smart devices, so it makes absolute sense that it'd be unable to handle infinite worlds, making the 0.8 build more suitable. What this comment does suggest is that the developers have at least considered the merits of Minecraft on the 3DS. The reality is that, with the development team busy still technically finishing the game on iOS and Android, a 3DS version is unlikely to be particularly high on its list of priorities, though the inner workings and projects of these companies are often a mystery.

Would you welcome a version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition on 3DS, even if it couldn't match up to smart device equivalents?

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