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We've already looked at the demo before, but now Square Enix have released some new information about Curtain Call's new versus mode as well as artwork for Makina and Rem, both from the currently Japan-only Final Fantasy Type-0.

Versus mode can be played against either a friend or against the CPU, with the winner determined by who has the highest score at the end of a BMS (battle)-style music track. There appears to be no direct interaction with your adversary outside of the battle introduction and score results, but even so it will be nice to finally end those arguments over who's the better rhythm-action gamer in a proper duel. This mode can be played against online opponents as well as people in the same room, so Final Fantasy fans will never have to worry about finding themselves short of someone to pit their talents against.

Quest Medley mode — first seen in the iOS version of the original Theatrhythm — makes a return for Curtain Call; expanded to include a choose-your-own-route system where gamers will face different challenges along the way. There are short, medium and long quests available, as well as received quests — maps sent from other players!

Finally, there's a whole host of familiar foes to do battle against covering the entire breadth of the series; everything from Zeromus to Magitek armour and Gobbues shows up for a fight at some point along the way. Which one are you looking forward to defeating in musical battle? Let us know in the comments section below.

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