A demo for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call recently went live on the Japanese 3DS eShop, and will hold few surprises with hardcore fans of the series. There’s really very little here that will not be immediately familiar to anyone with even the most casual experience of the original game, but considering how good the first Theatrhythm was and how enthusiastically it was received by gamers everywhere, there wouldn't be much sense in changing things for the sake of it. This is one instance where “the same, but better” is pretty much all anyone could really hope for, or want.

The Japanese demo has three tracks to whet your appetite: Seymour Battle (Final Fantasy X) and Crimson Blitz (FFXIII: Lightning Returns) are the exciting battle tracks, with Serene Forest from Final Fantasy XIV serving as the more relaxing field music stage. All three tracks are done using the same team – Lightning, Yuna, Tidus and Y’shtola — so every track also has at least one matching character to go along with it.

Arguably the major new addition, at least as far as this demo is concerned, is to see Final Fantasy XIV finally brought in from the cold and acknowledged as an equal alongside the rest of the series. This is great news for game music fans; whatever your feelings on Final Fantasy XIV’s troublesome development, Square-Enix MMOs or MMOs in general, that game has a fantastic soundtrack and already has enough good music to fill up Theatrhythm's song roster all by itself.

The official website for Curtain Call promises over two hundred tracks and over sixty characters, as well as a versus battle mode for the final release. We’ll bring you more details as they come through — we wish the irritatingly vague “Spring 2014” release date would come sooner.