GameCenter CX (also known outside Japan as Retro Game Master) is the chronicle of Kachou (“Chief”) Shinya Arino and his quest to defeat classic games of years gone by. According to Siliconera, the third game about this show about games has been announced as being in development. It's like gameception.

G.Rev, developers of the potentially westward-bound Kokuga, is working on this new GameCenter title for the 3DS. The original two games were published by Namco Bandai, with the first of these brought over to North America in 2009 as Retro Game Challenge for the DS. Disappointing sales, however, led to a choice not to localize the second game.

The third GameCenter CX title is currently slated for Japan only, but Arino’s global recognition has grown some since 2009. Would you be interested in challenging the great games challenger if this series is given another chance overseas?