Will you be stopping by?

Nintendo is set for its return to Comic-Con in San Diego this year and among other activities, the special Nintendo Gaming Lounge will be set up so that attendees can stop by and try out some of the latest releases.

As well as Nintendo's booth (#5135) at Comic-Con, the Nintendo Gaming Lounge situated in the San Diego Ballroom at the Marriott Marquis & Marina at 333 W. Harbor Drive will be the place where attendees can try out various Wii, DS and 3DS games.

As if having 11 3DS games, 6 Wii titles and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 on the DS to choose from isn't enough, attendees will also be able to try out The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, the first public demo of the game in North America.

Below are all the games that will be playable at the Nintendo Gaming Lounge:




  • Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2

As part of the 25th anniversary of the Zelda series, an artist has been commissioned by Nintendo to create a large chalk drawing at the event. The artwork will be designed and completed over the course of several days and attendees are encouraged to stop by as work on the drawing progresses.

A special meet-up event will take place on Thursday, 21st July at the Nintendo Gaming Lounge where Pokémon gamers can trade with and battle each other on Pokémon Black and White. 3DS users will also be able to exchange game data using the Pokédex 3D application, and a giant Pokémon Augmented Reality marker depicting the legendary Reshiram will also be there to interact with. Pokémon merchandise will also be given away so if you want to get your hands on a set of three Pokémon AR marker cards, pins, Pokédex 3D T-shirts and Pokémon cinch sacks, make sure you stop by the lounge.

Visitors to the Nintendo Gaming Lounge can also take advantage of other fun activities and daily giveaways (while supplies last) such as collectible Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards, posing for 3D photos in an oversized AR Card gallery, sharing StreetPass™ data with other Nintendo 3DS users and downloadable treasure maps for DRAGON QUEST® IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies.

Comic-Con will be kicking off this Thursday, 21st July at the San Diego Convention Center and will run until Sunday, 24th July. The preview night will take place on Wednesday, 20th July. For further information, please head over to the Comic-Con website.