In a year seemingly packed full of anniversaries, yesterday marked 15 years since Sonic Team masterpiece NiGHTS into Dreams released on Sega Saturn, with only disappointing Wii follow-up NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams expanding the series' canon. In a recent interview with leading NiGHTS site NiGHTS into, former Sonic Team head Yuji Naka and current lead Takashi Iizuka discussed the series, dropping tiny hints the jester isn't finished yet.

When asked about the game's basis in Jungian dream theory, here's how the two developers responded:

Naka: In the NiGHTS world there is only five Ideya. There were various other concepts and elements that didn't make it into the final product.
Iizuka: But they are still saved for another project.

Of course this doesn't necessarily point towards NiGHTS 3 — though we hope it does — as some have noted similarities between NiGHTS and 3DS and Wii game Rodea the Sky Soldier, developer by Naka's Prope studio.

Even if a third NiGHTS outing doesn't happen, Iizuka did promise that NiGHTS will continue to make appearances in other Sonic Team and SEGA games, and SEGA's own Facebook account even asked whether players would like to see the original Saturn adventure come to modern platforms. Perhaps the future of NiGHTS is still bright.