DSi Transfer FAQs

What is the DSi Transfer tool?
The DSi Transfer tool will allow you to move content from your DSi to your 3DS. You can move your Wi-Fi settings, photo and sound files, as well as DSiWare games.

How do I use the DSi Transfer Tool?
If you want to transfer data, we recommend that you plug both the 3DS and DSi into power supplies and sit them next to each other. The steps for transferring data are outlined below:

  • Ensure both devices are connected to the internet.
  • Download the 3DS Transfer Tool from the DSi Shop, this is the very first step.
  • Once this tool is downloaded, run the application on the DSi.
  • You will need to open the equivalent application on the 3DS. To access the transfer tool go to ‘System Settings’, ‘Other Settings’, and then ‘System Transfer’ on page 3.
  • On the 3DS, select ‘Transfer from a Nintendo DSi System’, and select the option to transfer to 3DS on the DSi. You will now be jumping between screens in order to move the process forward.
  • You will need to accept further terms, which warn you that once DSiWare games are transferred, they can only be played on the 3DS. They can’t be moved back and played on the DSi.
  • You will have the option of a ‘Full Transfer’ or ‘Custom Transfer’. ‘Full Transfer’ will move all sound files, photos and DSiWare games to your 3DS. DSiWare on the DSi system memory will move to the 3DS memory, while others on your account will transfer as ‘tickets’, available to download for free from the eShop. ‘Custom Transfer’ will allow you to move just Wi-Fi settings, photos and sound files, or alternatively allow you to transfer individual DSiWare titles, as long as they are on the DSi’s system memory.
  • Once actions are confirmed the process will begin. You’ll be treated to a 3D animation of Pikmin physically moving the data from one device to the other, so enjoy!

Will I still be able to access my photos and sound files on the DSi?
The terms state that, once transferred, photos and sound files will be removed from the DSi. However, if you have backed these files up on an SD card in the DSi, they should still be visible on that device.

Can I still play my transferred DSiWare games on the DSi?
No. Once a game has been transferred, the ‘ownership’ of that game has been moved to your 3DS and the title will be removed from your DSi. Even if you have a backup on an SD card in your DSi, you will not be allowed to move it back onto the system memory. In addition, you cannot move DSiWare games from the 3DS to the DSi, it is a one-way transfer. In summary, only transfer games to the 3DS on the understanding that you will never be able to play them on the DSi again.

Will my DSiWare save data be transferred?
No. Save data is not carried over to the 3DS.

Why can I only play the transferred DSiWare games that were on the system memory?
Just like the DSi, DSiWare games on the 3DS can only be played when on the system memory. Games transferred that were not on the DSi memory have been transferred to your account, but not onto the 3DS.

How do I retrieve my whole DSiWare collection on the 3DS?
You will need to find the product within the eShop, follow the process as if to purchase and you will notice that the download button now says ‘Re-Download’. You can download the game for no cost. If you can’t remember a game title, access the ‘Settings/Other’ option in the eShop and then ‘Titles You’ve Downloaded’: this will list all of the 3DS and DSi transferred downloads.

Where are my photos and sound clips?
Transferred photos and sound files will automatically be placed in the ‘Nintendo 3DS Camera’ and ‘Nintendo 3DS Sound’ applications.

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