Internet Browser FAQs

What is the Internet Browser?
This is the follow up internet tool for the 3DS, designed to be quicker and more powerful than the DSi equivalent.

Where can I access it?
On the 3DS Home menu, tap the blue globe icon at the top right of the touch screen.

How does it work?
When you first launch the browser you will be asked to choose your preferred Search Engine, and whether to turn Text Wrap on or off. Then you are up and running and you have a fairly basic web browser at your disposal.

What is Text Wrap?
This feature will ‘wrap’ text so that it is visible on the screen without the need to scroll left or right.

What other features does the Internet Browser have?
Like almost any browser you are able to use search engines, navigate to web pages directly, view and add page bookmarks, as well as check your connection settings.

Will I be able to view videos on sites such as YouTube?
Unfortunately, the browser does not include support for Flash media, so videos on sites such as YouTube will not work.

We will continuously update this FAQ as often as necessary. If you have any questions then please send us an email. We’ll also monitor the comments section and do our best to answer queries.