Just don't put them in the console, OK?

Many of you likely have collections of old Nintendo cartridges lying about; boxy relics of gaming's yesteryears great for some nostalgic fun. Still, there has always been one core functionality that these old carts lack: they don't clean dirt off your body.

Well, Etsy shop DigitalSoaps aims to change all that with its soapy line of replica gaming cartridges, featuring lathery renditions of games from the Super Nintendo, Game Boy and Sega Genesis. The soaps are all homemade, with vegan ingredients (if that's your thing) and have a "mountain-dew scent."

The SNES soaps cost $9 each, with near-identical renditions of Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario Kart and Super Street Fighter II. At the moment though, the only soap still in stock is Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

The Game Boy soaps, being much tinier, demand a smaller price, coming in at just $2 a piece. Tetris seems to be your only choice at the time.

Genesis soaps are 6 dollars each, with Mortal Kombat currently being the only title available.

DigitalSoaps also offers retro console controllers, ranging from the NES to the Dreamcast. Be careful though, these soaps are so good you may never want to wash yourself again.

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