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  • News 'Mario Kart Live' Not Real Enough For You? Then Check Out This Full-Size Rival

    Chaos Karts "combines real-life racing with augmented reality"

    Mario Kart Live was a bit of a revelation due to the way it took the core gameplay of the Mario Kart series and transplanted it in the real world using remote-control karts equipped with cameras – and the power of the Nintendo Switch, of course. However, if Mario Kart Live wasn't...

  • Deals Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Drops To Just £55 In The UK

    Way cheaper than Nintendo's £99 asking price

    Update: Did you grab one in time? It now looks like the Mario edition has sold out, and Luigi has returned to a higher price point. Hopefully they'll plummet in price again in the future. Original Article: If you haven't yet picked up Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit for Nintendo Switch, there's never...

  • Random What If Nintendo Made A LEGO Mario Kart Game?

    Well, it'd look a little something like this

    We live in a world where Mario Kart, LEGO games, and an actual LEGO Mario exist, yet LEGO Mario Kart does not. But what if it did? Over the past few months, YouTube channel Banana Pictures has been creating a LEGO Mario Kart project, taking everything that makes Nintendo's hit racing series tick and...

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  • News Mario Kart Tour Kicks Off Its Ninja Tour Event


    Mario Kart Tour is currently celebrating its 1.5 year anniversary - sure, why not - and has unveiled its next event; it looks rather cool. The Ninja Tour has kicked off and will run for the next two weeks; it has various new goodies for you to obtain. A good placement in part 1 of the tour could net you a Green Shy Guy, and there'll be some...

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