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Potions play an important role in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD; it's a dangerous and tiring job battling armies of Bokoblins, taking on Demon Lords and slicing and dicing your way through everything this world has to throw at you after all.

In order to replenish and protect himself during his adventure, Link will need to ensure he visits Luv and Bertie's Potion Shop at Skyloft's Bazaar, where he can grab himself a bunch of different potions in order to keep himself in the fight for longer.

Remember that you'll need an empty bottle as well as Rupees if you want to grab a potion - Luv will very kindly give you one for free the first time you visit her - but you should also make sure to check out our Bottle Guide in order to pick up every one that's available to find in the game.

With that out of the way, let's check out the different potions Luv has for sale, what they do and how much they'll set you back.

Heart Potion - This little red drink restores eight of Link's life hearts per serving and will set you back 20 Rupees a bottle.

Revitalizing Potion - Downing a bottle of this restores four of your life hearts as well as restoring your currently equipped shield to pristine condition. One serving will cost you 30 Rupees.

Stamina Potion - This potion will slow down the rate at which your stamina gauge depletes and will set you back 50 Rupees.

Air Potion - Need to stay underwater for longer? That's no problem, this potion slows down the depletion of your air meter so you can swim in the depths for longer and all for just 20 Rupees!

Guardian Potion - This one costs 200 Rupees but it does half the amount of damage that you take from all attacks for a set amount of time, so we reckon that's a pretty good deal tbh.

Now that you've got yourself a bunch of potions you can visit Luv's husband Bertie at the very same shop in order to use the various bugs you've caught around the game world to infuse your potions into super-charged versions of themselves. So now seems like the perfect time to check out our guide to Item and Potion upgrades in order to find out how to make your potions as powerful as possible!

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