Skyward Sword HD Goddess Cube Guide

Goddess Cubes are mysterious metallic boxes scattered across The Surface in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD by the great Goddess in order that they might aid her chosen hero (that's you!) once they finally arrive to take on their quest.

There are a whopping 27 Goddess Cubes for you to hunt down and Skyward Strike with your sword, and each one you smack will unlock a corresponding Goddess Chest in the sky, the location of which will then automatically appear on your in-game map.

Goddess Chests contain some pretty sweet rewards which vary from silver and gold Rupees to bug medals that show you the locations of all nearby bugs, adventure pouch upgrades, Life medals that extend your life bar and even a few heart pieces. In short, they're well worth hunting down and you'll need to get busy finding them all if you want to max out Link's available health pool before tackling the game's final boss battles. We've listed every Goddess Cube in Skyward Sword, including their exact location and the reward you'll get from its corresponding Goddess Chest.

Before we get on with guiding you through each and every cube location, you should note that on one or two occasions Goddess Chests will not immediately appear on your map when you strike their corresponding cube. Fear not, however, as this just means the story needs to further itself along a little first. In short, if you don't immediately see an icon pertaining to a cube you just thwacked with your sword, relax, it will show up further down the line.

Oh, and there be slight spoilers ahead.

With all that said, let's crack on with the locations, shall we?

Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Goddess Chest Guide

Goddess Cube 1 Location: The Deep Woods

Not too long after entering the Deep Woods area of Skyward Sword, you'll happen upon a Goron named Gorko who's busy investigating the very first Goddess Cube in the game. Have a quick chat with Gorko and he'll inadvertently reveal that these mysterious objects are activated by performing a Skyward Strike on them with your sword. Strike this first cube and watch it dematerialise to Gorko's delight before getting on your way towards the next cube, which is very nearby.

Chest Reward: Adventure Pouch Upgrade

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Goddess Cube 2 Location: The Deep Woods

Located within plain sight of the first cube, this second Goddess Cube is sat to the left-hand side of the entrance to Skyview Temple. Just make your way across the platforms to your left in order to avoid the gap and then drop down, strike it and that's two in the bag!

Chest Reward: Piece of Heart

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Goddess Cube 3 Location: Skyview Spring

Another very easy early to find cube, this third one is tucked away at the back of the Goddess Statue in Skyview Spring, the next area you'll visit as you emerge victorious from the trials of Skyview Temple. Let's hope they're all this easy, eh! (Not likely.)

Chest Reward: A gold Rupee

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Goddess Cube 4 Location: Eldin Volcano

As soon as you arrive in this hot and humid region you'll find the fourth Goddess Cube awaiting your sword strike to your left and down a small drop from the main path, it's pretty much impossible to miss.

Chest Reward: Seed Satchel

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Goddess Cube 5 Location: Eldin Volcano

A short distance on from your last cube, and after you've learned the basics of bomb-throwing and rolling from a nearby Mogma, you'll find that the path ahead splits into three directions. Cube number five is waiting in plain view on the middle path straight ahead. That's five whole cubes already. This is so easy!

Chest Reward: A silver Rupee

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Goddess Cube 6 Location: Eldin Volcano

Another hard-to-miss cube, this one. As you continue forward through the Eldin region you'll need to jump down a large hole and control your descent towards the bottom. There's quite a bit of tasty treasure littering ledges on the way down here and one of these is our next Goddess Cube. Just direct your fall down to the required ledge and strike that bad boy for the win. If you happen to miss the ledge you're shooting for here, fear not, as there's a nice big air vent to the left of the bottom that'll bring you right back up to the top for another go.

Chest Reward: A gold Rupee

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Goddess Cube 7 Location: Eldin Volcano

We're sticking to the Eldin region yet again here and once you've reached the entrance to the Earth Temple take a sharp left and have a quick look around the ground for a dig spot at which to use your newly-acquired Digging Mitts. There are a few dig spots here but the one we're aiming for is to the right-hand side below a high ledge. Dig here and you'll reveal an air geyser into which you'll lob one of the nearby bombs, resulting in an explosion that destroys a boulder above you and reveals cube number seven. Just take a quick trip up the geyser to nab this one and continue on your way.

Chest Reward: A gold Rupee

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Goddess Cube 8 Location: Eldin Volcano

Very near to cube number seven, this eighth entry on our list is located behind a Bokoblin village that you'll find just to the right-hand side of the Earth Temple entrance. Simply dish out some swift sword justice to the Bokoblins inhabiting this area and slip down a small incline behind their dwellings to find your prize.

Chest Reward: Treasure Medal

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Goddess Cube 9 Location: Eldin Volcano

Our final cube in the Eldin Volcano region, this one is right up the northeast corner of the map, not too far along from the village where we found cube number eight. You'll need to make your way up here and quickly jog through a flaming hot area that causes some slight burn damage, taking your first right in order to reach a large sand slide with multiple routes and air geysers.

In order to nab our ninth cube, we'll be aiming for the left-most air geyser here which takes us up and onto a ledge that's directly above the final cube in this area. Simply jump down, deliver a Skyward Strike and we can get out of here and go somewhere a little cooler because this tunic is absolutely roasting.

Chest Reward: Piece of Heart

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Goddess Cube 10 Location: Lanayru Mine

Well, it's not a whole lot cooler here really but at least this next cube is another straightforward find. As soon as you arrive in this region have a quick look around to the south of the Bird Statue to quickly spot this one sat within easy reach.

Chest Reward: A silver Rupee

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Goddess Cube 11 Location: Lanayru Desert

What would a video game desert be without lots and lots of very dangerous sinking sand? In order to grab this next cube, you're gonna need to traverse a large stretch of this treacherous sand that's located in the southwestern portion of Lanayru desert. The gap between safe platforms here is far too big for Link's stamina gauge to withstand but, luckily, there are some Ampilus knocking around whose shells you can use to make your way across. Simply drop a bomb on an Ampilus with your Hook Beetle, make your way to the vacant shell that's left behind – make sure you let your stamina regenerate – and then complete the rest of the journey and strike cube number 11.

Chest Reward: Heart Medal

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Goddess Cube 12 Location: Temple of Time

This next cube takes a little bit of precision striking but we're sure you're more than up to the task. During a sequence of time-shifting minecart escapades in the Temple of Time, you'll notice cube number 12 sat in some sand to the left-hand side of where the cart track passes by. Once you've time-shifted this particular area – via a timeshift stone hidden under some rocks atop a nearby pillar – you simply hop in your minecart, quickly charge up a Skyward Strike and unleash it just as you pass by the cube. If you happen to miss you can simply hop out and back into the minecart for as many tries as you need to nab this one.

Chest Reward: Piece of Heart

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Goddess Cube 13 Location: Faron Woods

The next few cubes have been teasing you from afar since early in the game but now, with the power of the Water Dragon's Scale secured, you can finally dive into the water to the left-hand side of the Great Tree and swim down to gain access to its innards. After a little bit of platforming and climbing around on vines you should be able to position yourself on a small platform overlooking cube number 13, get yourself carefully lined up and simply drop down onto the large root below in order to smack this one.

Chest Reward: A silver Rupee

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Goddess Cube 14 Location: Faron Woods

Get yourself right back up the Great Tree and have a quick look around very near to where you just snatched cube 13 and you should quite easily be able to spot this next one. Once again make sure you line yourself up carefully before taking the plunge to the root below, there's nothing worse than having to climb all the way back up here – although there is a clawshot hook nearby to this cube too if you want to keep it for an even easier grab at some point later on.

Chest Reward: Piece of Heart

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Goddess Cube 15 Location: Faron Woods

Our final traversal of the Great Tree in search of cubes sees us make our way right up the very top of the path that winds its way to the summit. Once you get right up here you can walk out onto a ledge and carefully manoeuvre your camera in order to get a glimpse of the hidden ledge below where our cube is nestled between two great big blue mushrooms.

However, we're not aiming to land directly onto this ledge; instead, we need to hang off the edge of the tree and shuffle along until we are just above another ledge to the right of where the cube is sat. Very carefully line yourself up as pictured below and drop down – using your sailcloth to avoid damage at the last second – and then balance your way across a short tightrope and we are done with cubes in Faron Woods!

Chest Reward: Rupee Medal

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Goddess Cube 16 Location: Lake Floria

As you follow Parella through the twisting underwater caverns of this area on your way to meet the Water Dragon, you'll learn to use your water leaping ability for the first time in order to fire yourself up, out and over a series of barricades. One of these barricades, a rock face with a crack right down its centre, will see you land on a dry area above it as you pass over (if you happen to make it right over and into the water on the other side just turn around and jump again). Once up here, you should immediately be able to spot cube number 16 patiently awaiting a strike from your sword.

Chest Reward: A gold Rupee

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Goddess Cube 17 Location: Lanayru Desert

Once you've got your hands on your trusty Clawshots you'll finally be able to make use of all those great big grapple points you've seen attached to walls all over various regions since the game began. Lanayru Desert is absolutely chock full of places to grapple onto with your Clawshots and doing so will enable you to pick up a bunch of Goddess Cubes late in the game, the first of which is plonked on a remote platform that can only be reached by first bombing a crack in a wall in the northeastern area of this region. Once you've opened this passage you'll be met with a series of grapple points in a very narrow canyon. Simply Clawshot your way between these and you'll arrive at this previously unreachable platform. Job done.

Chest Reward: Heart Medal

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Goddess Cube 18 Location: Lanayru Desert

This one is much simpler, a cube located southwest of the region that you'll have no doubt spotted many times by this point in the game, it's perched atop a platform just out of reach but you can now use your Clawshot to whip yourself up there and strike that bad boy for your reward.

Chest Reward: Life Medal

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Goddess Cube 19 Location: Lanayru Sand Sea

Upon arrival in the Lanayru Sand Sea region, you'll grapple your way across to the area's main port. Once here you should be able to spot a clearly visible bunch of cargo containers and crates to the east of the map. There's a slightly obscured grapple point on the right-hand side of one of the upper containers here and you can simply hook your way over and drop down to find cube number 19 inside a dimly lit area room that's tucked away in this sneaky little corner.

Chest Reward: A gold Rupee

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Goddess Cube 20 Location: Lanayru Sand Sea - Skipper's Retreat

Sat atop a pillar within easy view as you make your way across this area, this one's an easy grab requiring you to Clawshot, climb around a few vines, then Clawshot again in order to quickly nab it. Sometimes it's nice when things are simple.

Chest Reward: Potion Medal

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Goddess Cube 21 Location: Lanayru Sand Sea - Pirate Stronghold

After an extended period of battling and puzzling through this tough time-shifting dungeon you'll be able to grab yourself cube 21 as soon as you exit the main door. Simply turn around and look upwards and you should easily be able to make out the grapple point that you'll need to use in order to get up to a hidden platform above to claim your prize.

Chest Reward: Piece of Heart

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Goddess Cube 22 Location: Deep Woods

More Clawshot activity here and once you return to the Deep Woods area of the game with this handy gadget you'll be able to grapple your way up to some vines on either side of Skyview Temple in order to bag yourself the cube that awaits you at the top.

Chest Reward: Rupee Medal

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Goddess Cube 23 Location: Lake Floria

Another late-game cleanup job here and if you make your way to the entrance to Ancient Cistern you should very easily be able to spot some vines positioned below a high platform that you can grapple up to in order to reach this tucked away cube.

Chest Reward: A gold Rupee

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Goddess Cube 24 Location: Volcano Summit

Whilst back in the Eldin Volcano area on a search for the region's trial gate, you'll find yourself scooping up water in order to open a series of fiery frog idol doorways. Whilst at the pool where you gather water for these doorways you can snatch another Goddess Cube by diving off a nearby platform overlooking what seems to be a bottomless pit.

Once you dive here you'll need to move slightly to the left and forward in order to manoeuvre around some rocky pillars that are obscuring our cube's platform and land successfully at your target. This may take a few tries but keep at it and you'll soon have number 24 in the bag!

Chest Reward: Piece of Heart

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Goddess Cube 25 Location: Volcano Summit

Sticking to the same region as the last cube and nearby the final large frog doorway – the one you'll need an entire cauldron of water to douse – you can grab your next target. To your left, there should be an area with an open window which you can Clawshot your way out of to some vines attached to a rock formation. From here you'll need to grapple to another higher ledge, fight a Lizalfos and then grapple once more to an even higher ledge where this cube awaits.

Chest Reward: Bomb Bag

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Goddess Cube 26 Location: Volcano Summit

Located in a room immediately to the right as you enter the area that leads towards the Fire Sanctuary, this sneaky cube is just out of reach across a lava lake. You can, apparently, hit this one with a charged Skyward Shot from your sword the first time you see it – before you've fully maxed out the capabilities of your weapon – but we found we had to wait for a little until we had the True Master Sword for our shot to successfully make it far enough to nail this 26th target.

Chest Reward: A Bottle

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Goddess Cube 27 Location: Lanayru Gorge

Located in plain sight in an area to the east of the Thunder Dragon's plateau, you can nab this final Goddess Cube whilst picking up the seedling of the Life Tree from the Thunder Dragon's worker robot pal. Just off the main platform where you dig up the seedling, you'll see the cube sat in the grass awaiting one final Skyward Strike from your sword.

Chest Reward: Small Bow Quiver

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Congratulations, you've just found every Goddess Cube in the game!

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