Skyward Sword HD Bug Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD's world has twelve different types of bug that you can catch in order to create various powerful infusion potions or to sell to Strich for some tasty profits.

In order to catch bugs, you'll first need to pick up the bug net from Beedle's Airshop for 50 Rupees and then you're free to get hunting throughout the various regions of the game. Although they're not particularly necessary to a successful run through Link's adventure — at least not on the default difficulty — they are a pretty useful source of Rupees and give you some nice strong potions heading into boss battles. And hey, collecting stuff is just fun right?

With this in mind, we've put together this Skyward Sword Bug guide to show you where to find every bug in the game, how much they're worth when sold, and what infusion potions you can make with each of them. Happy hunting!

Getting Started With Bugs

As we've already mentioned, you'll need to pick up a bug net from Beedle but there are a few other things you'll want to know in order to maximise your bug-hunting experience. Firstly, if you want to sell your bugs you can do so by visiting Strich in his room at the Knight Academy and this must be done at night. As Strich only ever wants to purchase three types of bug at a time, you'll quite often find he's not looking for the ones you've currently got so, in order to refresh his bug demands, you can simply jump into his bed and sleep until the next night. Sorted! Later in the game – once Bilocyte has been defeated – you can find Strich over on Bug Island in the Thunderhead region of The Sky, where he has a minigame called Bug Heaven.

In order to use bugs to infuse your various potions, you'll need to visit Bertie at the Bazaar where he'll whack them into whatever potions you've currently got on you in order to give them a nice big boost.

One other tip with regards to bugs is to find and equip a Bug Medal. You can buy this item from Beedle's Airshop for 1,000 Rupees (or 500 if it's your first purchase after completing Beedle's side quest) and equipping it will mark out areas on your in-game map where bugs are likely to be hanging out - although it doesn't specify exactly which type of bugs they are.

With all of this in mind let's move on to the bugs themselves, shall we?

Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Bugs Guide

Blessed Butterfly

Hunting Spots: Skyloft - Sealed Grounds - Lanayru - Eldin Volcano - Faron Woods

Value: 5 Rupees

Infusion Potion Type: Heart Potion+ (3) - Heart Potion++ (3) - Guardian Potion+ (3)

You'll find Blessed Butterflies all over the place in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD and besides being useful for potions or selling for profit, these little blue and purple guys also hang around in groups of three in areas where Link can play his harp in order to reveal Goddess Walls and Gossip Stones. How useful!

Woodland Rhino Beetle

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Hunting Spots: Faron Woods - Deep Woods - Sealed Grounds

Value: 20 Rupees

Infusion Potion Type: Heart Potion+ (1) - Revitalizing Potion+ (2) - Revitalising Potion++ (2)

Found within Faron Woods, Deep Woods and the Sealed Grounds areas of the game, Woodland Rhino Beetles are one of the few types of bugs you don't actually need a net to acquire. Simply dash and roll into whatever vine-covered wall they happen to be clinging to and they'll fall to the ground for you to gather up.

Deku Hornet

Hunting Spots: Faron Woods - Deep Woods

Value: 1 Rupee

Infusion Potion Type: Heart Potion++ (3) - Revitalising Potion+ (3)

You can find the Deku Hornet's hives hanging from trees in the Faron Woods and Deep Woods regions. Disturb the hives by getting too close or shoot them down with your slingshot and you'll soon find yourself absolutely surrounded by these little guys, enabling you to bag absolutely loads of them in your bug net. Besides collecting for Rupees and potion ingredients, remember that Deku Hornets can also be used as a weapon against your enemies. Simply use the upgraded Beetle tool to fly into and grab a hornet hive and then dump it down on your chosen foe for some cathartic stinging action.

Starry Firefly

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Hunting Spots: Skyloft (near water mostly) - Beedle's Island - Pumpkin Landing

Value: 30 Rupees

Infusion Potion Type: Guardian Potion+ (3)

A bug that can, obviously, only be found at night, Starry Fireflies hang out in Skyloft, at Beedle's Island and on Pumpkin Landing. Starry Fireflies are pretty uncommon, and therefore a little more valuable when compared to some other bugs, but there are one or two ways to make sure you can catch them as and when you need them. Most notably you can ensure you snare a few of these little guys by visiting Beedle's Island at night where you'll reliably find a few in the same spot every time.

Sky Stag Beetle

Hunting Spots: Skyloft - Beedle's Island (at night)

Value: 20 Rupees

Infusion Potion Type: Stamina Potion+ (2) - Air Potion (2)

The Sky Stag Beetle can pretty much only be found in Skyloft - although we've heard a rumour there may also be one on Beedle's Island - and Link can catch them by grabbing them in his net OR by rolling into whatever surface they're attached to in order to knock them off. One good place to find Sky Stag Beetles regularly - although there are never too many around at one time - is on a large tree that's sat by itself just down from the lower entrance to the Knight's Academy. You might also get lucky around the windmill near the Bazaar.

Skyloft Mantis

Hunting Spots: Skyloft - Pumpkin Landing

Value: 10 Rupees

Infusion Potion Type: Air Potion+ (2) - Revitalising Potion+ (2)

The Skyloft Mantis can be a pretty tricky bug to find as it likes to hide and prefers the cover of darkness. You can find them under pots in Skyloft (check near the Knight's Academy) and we have also had some luck grabbing one or two in the pumpkin patch at Gondo's, on Pumpkin Landing and in the waterfall cave. You'll need to sneak up with your net and be extra careful when trying to catch these little guys.

Volcanic Ladybug

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Hunting Spots: Eldin Volcano

Value: 20 Rupees

Infusion Potion Type: Heart Potion+ (1) - Stamina Potion+ (3)

Volcanic Ladybugs, as the name suggests, can be found in the Eldin Volcano of the game. Very slow-moving and mostly found in groups of two or three, they're pretty easy to spot on walls as you make your way around this area and don't put up much of a fight once you pull out your net you grab them.

Eldin Roller

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Hunting Spots: Eldin Volcano - Earth Temple

Value: 40 Rupees

Infusion Potion Type: Heart Potion++ (1) - Guardian Potion+ (2)

Another resident of the Eldin Volcano region, the Eldon Roller is, for all intents and purposes, a dung beetle. You can find these little guys pushing their...whatever that is....on the ground all over this area of the game and in particular you'll notice them popping out whilst you dig with your mitts. Grabbing the Eldin Roller in your net does require some care as they're pretty quick, easy to startle and even easier to accidentally step on.

Gerudo Dragonfly

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Hunting Spots: Lanaryu Desert

Value: 30 Rupees

Infusion Potion Type: Stamina Potion+ - Revitalising Potion++

Residents of Lanaryu region, the Gerudo Dragonfly can most often be found in groups of two and are pretty common and easy to spot - although you can have a little bit of a job on your hands actually netting them as they're pretty quick to take flight when you get close. The best way to catch these little guys - as with any particularly nervy bug in the game - is to target them and slowly creep up on them with your net already in position before quickly striking when in range. Animal Crossing fans will know exactly how this goes.

Sand Cicada

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Hunting Spots: Lanayru Desert - Sand Sea - Skipper's Retreat - Pirate Stronghold

Value: 50 Rupees

Infusion Potion Type: Heart Potion++ (1) - Revitalising Potion++ (1)

Thanks to a distinct buzzing sound emitted from this particular bug it's pretty easy to find one or two when you're hunting in and around the Lanayru region. These guys may be relatively easy enough to find then, but they are absolutely not easy to catch. You'll need to employ the stealthy mechanics we noted earlier and make sure to try to keep your net still and Link out of their line of sight in order to strike successfully and bag yourself one. The best areas to find yourself a Sand Cicada include the entrance to the Lanayru Sand Sea area, on the roof of Skipper's Retreat and around the entrance of Pirate Stronghold.

Faron Grasshopper

Hunting Spots: Faron Woods - Sealed Grounds - Sealed Temple - Floria Waterfall

Value: 40 Rupees

Infusion Potion Type: Stamina Potion+ (1) - Guardian Potion+ (1)

Found throughout Faron Woods, these little grasshoppers sure can move around quickly and are another bug that requires a little bit of stealth in order to successfully net. There are plenty of them around so you shouldn't have too many problems finding them, just be careful not to crush them underfoot and always approach slowly from behind if you're trying to bag a few. Beyond the woods itself, you'll also find Faron Grasshoppers in the Sealed Grounds, inside the Sealed Temple (check under them pots) and in Floria Waterfall.

Lanayru Ant

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Hunting Spots: Lanayru Desert - Lanaryu Gorge - Temple of Time - Lanayru Caves

Value: 20 Rupees

Infusion Potion Type: Revitalising Potion++ (3) - Air Potion+ (2)

Our final bug entry, the Lanayru Ant - and you're not going to believe this - can only be found in the Lanayru region of the game. Using the digging mitts can help you find some of these guys and they're pretty easy to catch by just frantically waving your net in the general direction of a large crowd of them. You'll also find Lanayru Ants whilst blowing piles of dust with your bellows, lifting up pots and crawling around on sinking sand.

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